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SYNC3 Is a Personal Assistant for You on The Road

Ford has taken automotive technology to the next level with their all-new SYNC3 voice recognition system. With a responsive capacitive touchscreen, it makes a very attractive centerpiece for your dashboard.

Drivers of all ages and backgrounds are sure to love this system and all of the features that come along with it. The SYNC3 is a hands-free assistant for you in your vehicle. With nothing more than a simple voice command, you can do a simple music search or operate your climate control system while never having to take your eyes off of the road.

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Meet the Perfect Sedan for All Your Traveling Needs

Are you a sedan lover who is considering acquiring something else out of the norm? In one way or another, your interest in finding a different experience in a different sedan might be overwhelming leaving you with the task of figuring out what would be suitable for you. Do not worry, at Casa Ford we assure you that settling for the 2018 Ford Fusion will not leave you with regrets.

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A Road Trip with Your Pet!

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​You know what sounds nice? Hitting the road with our furry buddies in tow, exploring new places, or maybe simply visiting old friends and family. Whatever the case, there are some important tips you should consider and plan for when bringing your bud along in your lovely car.

One important thing to consider is, well, them! Just like us, they need to occasionally get up, stretch, use the bathroom, and get a snack and a drink during the trip. So before you leave, make sure you bring plenty of snacks and water for your pet, especially if you anticipate several…
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How to Avoid Flood-Damaged Car Scams After Hurricane Harvey

Despite the many concerned messages you've received from out-of-state friends and relatives, El Paso was relatively unharmed by Hurricane Harvey. But that doesn't mean you're not at risk of buying a flood-damaged car.

According to Kelley Blue Book, as many as 500,000 cars in Texas were destroyed by Harvey, and many of those will end up being sold using an underhanded tactic called title-washing.

Normally, a vehicle's title is branded as flood damaged (or as junk, or salvage) to let prospective customers know that they are essentially buying scrap metal. Yet in many cases, sellers…

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2018 Ford Mustang GT: Style, Power, and Good Manners?

The 2018 Ford Mustang will deliver a slew of great features and improvements over the Mustangs of previous years. Style, power, a great driving experience; it delivers the works.

If you buy a 2018 Mustang GT however, you'll also get some unexpected perks: good manners.

If you've ever heard a V8 engine, you know how loud they can get. The Mustang GT's Coyote V8 is no exception. And while a loud engine roar might be fun on the highway, it can be a nuisance when you're driving on the quiet streets of your neighborhood.

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Categories: Gets a Feel for Fantastic 2017 Ford Fusion

Are you shopping the midsize sedan segment for your next daily driver? Well, if so, we here at Casa Ford think you may well flip your lid for ours, the 2017 Fusion.

What makes us say that, though?

Here now to offer up an explanation is Managing Editor Jodi Lai; join her in the clip below:

Without question one of the most intriguing trims across the Fusion catalog, the mid-level Titanium is terrific.

Standard features on this model include a spunky, 240-horsepower turbo four-cylinder engine, 18-inch wheels, upgraded taillamps, a rear spoiler, ambient interior lighting ...

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If Your Car Only Gets Washed When it Rains...

What if you are like the guy down the street whose car only gets washed when it rains? Have you ever really looked at that car? You can see where birds, cats and dead bugs have been. Do you want to trash your investment like that?

Of course, you park your car under a tree now and then. Have you noticed the sap on your windows or your hood? Do you realize that is a hazard for your car's paint? Or caterpillar droppings? Or pollen? Some of these are worse than others, but all of them take a toll…
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Water on Tap in Your Ford Fusion? Maybe, With New Life-Saving Innovation

In some parts of the world, clean drinking water is harder to come by than gasoline. In fact, in many developing nations, you'll find an uncomfortable juxtaposition where modern conveniences -- like cell phones and cars -- are abundant, but basic necessities of life are not being met.

Water is one of the most critical human needs for survival, and it is getting harder and harder to come by, according…

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2016 Ford Mustang Wins Big with Autotrader Team

If you're a muscle car enthusiast, listen up. We here at Casa Ford Lincoln have one that's bound to make you break out into your happy dance.

Known simply as the 2016 Ford Mustang, your first look at this vehicle is available in the clip below. Join Autotrader critic Jabari Jones, as he delivers the need-to-know details:

Those who stick with the base trim will enjoy a 3.7-liter V6 engine, good for a hearty 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. Available gearbox options include a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic with paddle shifters.


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