Customers interested in a safe SUV in El Paso, TX enjoy the standard Ford Explorer ST features such as LATCH systems, knee airbags for front passengers, and the post-crash alert system. Customers purchasing the Ford Explorer ST from Casa Ford also appreciate the practicality of the belt minder, which chimes to alert you if any of the passengers have forgotten to fasten their safety belts.

The Ford Explorer ST also comes with a standard 3.0 VG EcoBoost engine along with Auto Start-Stop technology. The engine reduces unnecessary fuel consumption and saves you money while also offering up to 400 horsepower. With this level of horsepower, you will be able to haul significant loads, and the trailer sway control will allow you to keep control of your load.

Intelligent 4WD, terrain management control, and hill descent controls help you to maintain that control regardless of the toughness of the surface your Ford Explorer ST encounters.

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