We know pickups at Casa Ford, and Ford's reliable line impresses us. Hardworking visitors in El Paso, TX are especially impressed by the Ford Super Duty.

If your life includes burly work gear or large toys, you should consider the Super Duty's towing capabilities. Ford builds a fully boxed frame that is 95% high-strength steel for this extremely durable model. This frame and the Super Duty's dense components enable it to conventionally tow more weight than all other models in its class. When you add a diesel power plant, your towing capacity improves more than 10% and also leads the class.

Now, let's consider gooseneck towing. It involves attaching a trailer to the truck's bed with swiveling components, which add 50% to the Super Duty's pulling capability. You can now haul massive equipment on a flatbed trailer. This capability is handy in construction or farming, for example. Ultimately, the Ford Super Duty can make your life easier in multiple ways.

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