The Ford Fiesta ST Performance Puts the 'P' in Party

The Ford Fiesta ST is a popular performance hatchback that keeps the heart pumping at exhilarating rates. A small car with a big engine and great features, you are going to love the Fiesta ST from the moment you put your foot on the gas pedal. Come into Casa Ford where you can learn about the performance of one of the hottest new hatchbacks on the road.

With performance features like AdvanceTrac that uses brake forces and engine torque to keep the vehicle in complete control at all times, you can now drive more confidently in all driving conditions, whether it be rain, unexpected ice, or gravel that makes the wheels slip.

You are going to love the electric power-assisted steering system that comes inside the Fiesta ST that delivers some serious control with an ability that is intuitive to the speed you are traveling. Test-drive a Ford Fiesta ST in El Paso, TX to see what the party is all about!

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