The Ford Super Duty is a pickup truck that lacks any weaknesses in capabilities, utility, and productivity. Stop at Casa Ford in El Paso, TX to get details on the superb ratings and amenities of this heavy-duty model that is available with a full-size cab.

The 6.2 L gas engine and 6.7 L diesel engine in this Ford truck have tremendous horsepower and torque output. Both powertrain systems are compatible with unique fuel sources that carry low emissions. You can add several packages to improve the towing and off-road capabilities of the Super Duty. For example, the FX4 package is tuned to handle rough terrains and inclement weather.

The Snowplow Prep Package allows this Ford truck to work efficiently during the winter season. Additionally, the Heavy Service Front Suspension Package balances the chassis during maneuvers that require explosive forward motion. You can get the Power Equipment Group to improve the utility inside the cabin.

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