What kind of sports car do you like to drive? We think the best ones have a roaring engine, sharp handling, and options to change up performance as you need. The modern-day Ford Mustang is the right choice for all of those features. The standard features in the Mustang include a V6 engine with a rear-wheel drive train and a limited-slip rear differential. This makes your handling smooth and sharp around all corners and winding roads.

However, it’s the Uplevel package that includes other driving modes. There are five to choose from, including Normal, Sport+, Drag Strip, Track, and Snow/Wet. You can also upgrade a lot of your other options, such as the suspension system. The MagneRide suspension system is considered the best because of its ability to handle changes to road conditions on the fly.

You’ll get the most performance out of the latest Ford Mustangs, but you need to get in for a test drive fast. The latest models will be coming out soon, so the deals will startup. The best place to go for a new car is Casa Ford located in El Paso, TX.

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