Drive with Confidence in the Ford Fiesta

In the Ford Fiesta, you can conquer any path with confidence. This popular subcompact car is built with enhanced performance and safety in mind. It has a couple of great features that are designed to help drivers in El Paso stay in control at all times.

When you take the Fiesta for a test drive at Casa Ford, you'll notice that steering is very fluid. That's because the car has an advanced electronic steering system. It's an intelligent system that automatically adjusts based on your speed. When you're driving slowly, the steering wheel feels light and easy. However, when you are traveling a bit faster, the steering gets firmer for better control.

The tires are also equipped with high-tech features. The AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability control system works to prevent wheel slipping on slick roads. If the Fiesta detects trouble, it will apply the brakes and adjust torque accordingly to help you maintain stability.

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