The Importance of Shocks and Struts

Every day you drive over rough patches, bumps and potholes in El Paso. With a good set of shocks, those minor bumps won't affect you or your driving too much. Over time, the shocks and struts in your car's suspension system can wear out or become less effective. It's important not to ignore this part of car maintenance.

If you notice that your car moves up and down more when you go over a bump, this is a sign that new shocks or struts might be in order. Worn out shocks may also leak when they are becoming less effective. Also, you may go over a bump and feel it more than normal. This is sign that you need to have your suspension checked.

When you suspect that your suspension system needs to be checked out, Casa Ford Lincoln has technicians in the service department that can inspect the suspension and fix the problems that they locate.

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