Be Aware of Tire Blowout Risks

A blowout on the road creates the potential for a serious accident. Controlling the car when one or more tires blows becomes extremely difficult and may lead to a collision. Follow a few steps to reduce the possibility of a blowout.

Changing your tires at the recommended time cuts down on the chances of a blowout. When the treads wear down, a pothole or object in the road might easily puncture the rubber. Rotating tires helps keep the treads from wearing down quickly, but they will wear down eventually.

Also, aged tires eventually suffer from dry rot. Dry-rotted tires literally start to tear apart as evidenced by cracks in the rubber. Time doesn't help the air in the tires much, either. Under-inflated tires just aren't safe. And neither are overinflated ones.

Don't drive around in El Paso with tires at risk for a blowout. Come to our service center at Casa Ford to have your tires checked and, if necessary, to buy new ones.

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