SYNC3 Is a Personal Assistant for You on The Road

Ford has taken automotive technology to the next level with their all-new SYNC3 voice recognition system. With a responsive capacitive touchscreen, it makes a very attractive centerpiece for your dashboard.

Drivers of all ages and backgrounds are sure to love this system and all of the features that come along with it. The SYNC3 is a hands-free assistant for you in your vehicle. With nothing more than a simple voice command, you can do a simple music search or operate your climate control system while never having to take your eyes off of the road.

The SYNC3 will also integrate with your smartphone via Android Auto. Send and receive calls, check voicemails, send and receive text messages, and navigate with Google maps while getting live traffic alerts all through your SYNC3.

To learn more, be sure to come down to our showroom here at Casa Ford and test drive a new vehicle equipped with the SYNC3 today!

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