2018 Ford Mustang GT: Style, Power, and Good Manners?

The 2018 Ford Mustang will deliver a slew of great features and improvements over the Mustangs of previous years. Style, power, a great driving experience; it delivers the works.

If you buy a 2018 Mustang GT however, you'll also get some unexpected perks: good manners.

If you've ever heard a V8 engine, you know how loud they can get. The Mustang GT's Coyote V8 is no exception. And while a loud engine roar might be fun on the highway, it can be a nuisance when you're driving on the quiet streets of your neighborhood.

That's why Ford is upgrading the GT with new "Quiet" features. By activating Quiet Start, you can reduce the noise your car's engine makes when you first start it. Quiet Exhaust likewise closes the engine's valves to minimize engine sounds to a polite 72 decibels.

To help make these features even more convenient, Ford's Quiet features allow you to program custom time frames during which they'll activate automatically. Then, once you hit more appropriate roads, you can cut loose and let your engine roar.

If you want to learn more about what the 2018 Mustang and Mustang GT will offer, get in touch with Casa Ford Lincoln. The staff at our El Paso, TX lot can answer your questions and introduce you to the highlights of our inventory of new Ford cars. Be sure to take a look at the still excellent 2017 Mustang.

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